What is a Senior Advisor?

A Senior Advisor is an individual who has a unique understanding of the financial, health and safety issues aging adults face. Senior Advisors utilize their highly specialized skills to help inform seniors and their family members on how to address challenges associated with the aging process. A senior advisor undergoes significant training and may engage in studies to earn a certification to become a Certified Senior Advisor.

What is a CSA (Certified Senior Advisor)?

A certified senior advisor is an accredited individual who has undergone extensive training in the areas of senior support ranging from life transitions, financial security and end of life planning. A certified senior advisor must pass a rigorous exam and uphold ethical standards that benefit and protect the health and welfare of aging adults.

How do your services work?

Every individual’s needs are different and that is why Sloane Senior Advisors offers multiple ways to work together. We offer consultative, 1:1 and hourly services or can develop a service plan that will account for your current and anticipated needs. During our initial meeting, we will engage in an assessment to determine needs and then develop a plan to meet your goals.

Are you a medical professional?

No, I am not a medical professional and cannot administer medical advice or services. If you should need medical support Sloane Senior Services are available to help identify medical resources and/or accompany you to certain medical appointments.

Can you represent me in legal matters?

I am not an attorney and as such, I cannot represent you in any legal engagement. Having the right representation Is critical in achieving a desired outcome. Sloane Senior Advisors can identify and help you retain the correct representation.

Can Sloane Senior Advisors act as a Power of Attorney?

No.  Sloane Senior Advisors always recommends this be discussed with your attorney and family to identify and appoint a trusted representative.

Will you need my social security number?

We do not ask for any personal identifiable information, nor should you ever give out your social security number unless you are certain that it will be held in confidentiality.  If you are being asked for your social security number and are uncertain if you should be sharing it, wait and call Sloane Senior Advisors and let us help in determining if you should share. 

How much do your services cost?

There are multiple ways to work with Sloane Senior Advisors and we look to tailor our work to meet your needs.  We offer multiple approaches and will work to develop a budget that will meet your needs.

What if living at home is no longer the best option?

There are many agencies that work with both the senior and/or their family members to help identify the right housing options for this transition. Sloane Senior Advisors can help provide the name of agencies and resources that can assist in this process.